What is VSENSE®?

  • Prevents dryness as it restores natural moisture in your
    intimate area.

  • Intensifies sensitivity of your intimate area giving a
    warm sensation.

  • Helps reach pleasurable orgasms and increases intimacy.

  • Stimulates vaginal lubrication.

What is FSD (female sexual disorder)
Dysfunction (FSD)?

Symptoms and Causes
Who can get it?

  • Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is a persistent, recurrent problem with sexual
    response, desire, or orgasm in women.
  • This not only causes stress within the individual, but also strains her relationship
    with her partner as well
  • Sexual problems are common.
  • Based on a National Health and Social Life Survey,
    women are more prone to have sexual
    complaints compared with men
  • Approximately 4 out of 10 women suffer from at
    least one symptom of sexual dysfunction with
    different forms and causes.

Research shows that, women with FSD are most commonly affected by:

Orgasmic Disorder Low Libido Lubrication Problems

Global FSD Numbers

Most common FSD symptoms

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